We have received the diagnosis of dysplasia of the hip for our Main Coon cat Tommeke, who is 1 year old. He was not very active, went to sit down very quickly and his tail did not move. A couple of days after the 1ste traitement we noticed already a big difference: Tommeke is more active, he runs more, he can walk down the strairs and his tail is moving for the first time. Each week we notice an improvement. We’re so happy!
Annemie L.

Our cat has fallen of the table and since then he urinates all over the house. Probably because it’s too painfull to go into the cat’s box. The first days after the treatment he still urinated all over, but since more then a week, our house remains dry. The treatment has worked. Thanks a lot!
Sofie B.

What a difference with a week ago, you have given us a new dog, what a pleasure he has again. He’s again the playful dog, as we have known him since longtime. Marvellous result, it’s really very nice to be able to give here positive feedback, because we do not exaggerate.
Christiaan V.

It’s very visible that Vita has received a treatment. She’s more energetic and she feels clearly much better. She moves more smoothly. She’s again a proud Boxer. Thanks a lot!
Jurgen L.

I want to let you know that it goes great with Odjo. He walks a lot better, sits know straight, jumps better into the car and we have the impression that his back is more straight. To be sure we would like to have a control treatment, so that we’re really sure that he’s OK now.
Anja B.

Our buldog could since a couple of days not stand up anymore. On the right side, he still had a little bit of support, but he kept his left leg always up. Medication did not work. I could not believe it, but after one week, he could again stand up and walk. He did not keep his left leg up anymore. We’re of course very happy.
Joyce J.

I want to let you know that I’m very satisfied about the osteopathic treatment of my dog Praline. She’s much fitter and has clearly less problems of her back. I did not expect to see her ever so playful. Thank you very much and I will certainly contact you in the future for further treatments.
Sofie B.

We’ve noticed during training that our dog had problems with turnarounds. He could also not bend his hindlegs properly. Already after 1 treatment my dog was again as before. He jumps again around and he feels clearly better. I also noticed that his fur is again shining everywhere. It’s just fantastic!
Kim V.

Our dog had clearly problems at his back, because he did not like anymore to be caressed at a certain spot. But already after 1 treatment everything is again OK. Thank you.
Joke C.

I’m very happy with the treatment of my dog, because he’s again active and he can jump again on the couch.
Kathleen S.

Our dog, a rottweiler of 1 year, has hipdysplasia on both hips. She did get worse visibly and whined regularly, especially whe she wanted to get up from her dog basket. The veterinarian said that he could only propose a very expensive operation, without any guarantee. We did not like this and so we searched further and this is how we get in touch with Ingrid. Already after 1 treatment, we noticed a clear improvement. She did not whine anymore in getting up and she wanted to play more. After the second treatment we could start again with short walks and her back is less round. We are very happy and have good hope that she will get better ever day.
Clemence S.

Our dog of 4 years had a hernia and his hind legs were fully paralysed. He also had no control anymore on his bladder. Medication dis not work. After 5 days we’ve contacted Ingrid. Some days after the treatment, he started to regain some feeling in his hind legs. And after 1 week, he could again stand up (of course still a bit unstable). Every day it goes better with him!
Patrick L.

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