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Osteopathic traitment for your horse

How does an osteopathic treatment on a horse take place?

After hearing the complaints, I will examine the horse to determine were the problem is localized. I will do this by checking the tension and mobility of the muscles and articulations. This happens the best in a place where the horse is calm, like for example in his box or the corridor.

The osteopathic treatment is done by soft, manual techniques. This means that I will only use my hands and feeling. Most horses tolerate this very well and will relax during the treatment. But I always adapt the treatment to the horse and to what he/she is allowing me to do.

Besides manipulations of the blocked vertebra’s, I use also other techniques to release the tension in the muscles and fascia (connective tissue), such as JM triggerpointmassage and fascial release techniques.

What can you expect?

An osteopathic treatment will have an impact on the cause of the problem and not only on the symptoms, like for example painkillers. Therefore you may not expect an immediate result. The body of the horse needs time to recuperate and to find his balance. That’s why mostly it is recommended after treatment to give the horse some days rest. You will notice that after this resting period, the horse will be more calm and more supple.

Of course the result depends on the nature and duration of the complaint, the age and background of the horse, the sports discipline and level of riding. The best results are obtained when the muscles are in normal rest condition, so not warmed up (by training or the sun). The horse must also be dry. A second treatment can be recommended, depending on the nature of the complaints.

As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, it would be good to check the horse once or twice a year by an equine osteopath. This way you get the best out of your horse!

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